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Author guidelines 

Submission Types


Scientific contributions (including full papers) for the joint conference of GMDS & CEN-IBS 2020 have to be submitted via the >online registry. The following contributions can be submitted:

  1. Full papers in the journal “Studies in Health Technology and Informatics” (use provided template)

  2. Full papers in the journal “GMS Medical Informatics, Biometry and Epidemiology (MIBE)” (follow authors instructions given below)

  3. Talk (Abstract 500 words, English or German) with publication in the online conference proceedings on EGMS.

  4. Poster (Abstract 500 words, English or German) with publication in the online conference proceedings on EGMS.

  5. Talk  (Abstract 500 words, English or German)

  6. Poster  (Abstract 500 words, English or German) 

  7. Talk in an accepted invited session (Abstract 500 words, English or German)

  8. Talk in an accepted topic-contributed session (Abstract 500 words, English or German)

  9. Talk in an accepted special session or workshop (Abstract 500 words, English or German)

  10. Presentation within the science slam (Abstract 500 words, English or German) > Call

  11. Application for talk in young statisticians  > Call

Dates & Deadlines

Young statisticians: March 15th, 2020  

All other submissions: March 31th, 2020 

Final acceptance: Will be announced soon

Author guidelines full papers


  • Authors can choose between submission to the journal “Studies in Health Technology and Informatics” (IOS-Press) or to the journal “GMS Medical Informatics, Biometry and Epidemiology (MIBE)”. Note that, different author guidelines have to be followed.

  • Only unpublished papers (original papers) are eligible for submission as full paper. These will undergo a separate, two-stage review process under the supervision of the respective editorial boards. There is a possibility to improve the manuscript on the basis of the reviews within a given deadline, after which the final decision on acceptance is made. Acceptance for publication is automatically linked to acceptance as a presentation at the GMDS & CEN-IBS 2020 conference.

  • In case of a rejection as a full paper, the program committee of the GMDS & CEN-IBS 2020 can offer the acceptance as a talk or poster with publication of an abstract in EGMS. Accepted full papers will be published in Open Access, the DOI is printed in the conference program or linked in the electronic version.

  • The conference organizing societies support the recommendations of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE, >

  • Full papers should follow the recommendations of the appropriate guideline of the EQUATOR Network (> and usually follow the IMRD scheme (Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion).

  • Evaluations of IT systems should follow the STARE-HI standard (> , IMIA page).


Authors guidelines for “Studies in Health Technology and Informatics”

General information from IOS-Press:     >Instructions for authors

Templates:   >Word template for evaluation studies (Template STARE-HI)

    >Word template for concept or project reports (Template-ISCIL)

Publication fees: The publication fee is 50€ per page. The publication fee for the first six pages is included in the conference fee as long as an author is registered for the conference. In this case a publication fee is only due for the 7th and 8th page. Conflicts of interest, as well as financial or other support must be indicated in section Conflict of interest or Acknowledgement. The submitting author guarantees compliance with the recommendations of the DFG on good scientific practice and with the recommendations of the ICMJE, including those on authorship.

Listing: Accepted papers will be listed on MEDLINE/PubMed, Web of Science: Conference Proceedings Citation Index - Science (CPCI-S) and Book Citation Index - Science (BKCI-S), as well as on Google Scholar, Scopus and EMCare.


  • The manuscript is available camera-ready as a Word document (*.docx)

  • IOS-Press specifications were observed.

  • The maximum number of 8 pages is not exceeded.

  • The abstract does not contain more than 300 words.

  • The author information, including the contact details of the corresponding author, is complete and correct

  • The font used for the abstract and bibliography is Times New Roman, size 8, and in the remaining sections Times New Roman, size 10.

  • The table layout corresponds exactly to the template.

  • Tables and figures do not extend into the margin area. All tables and figures are not wider than the body’s text width.

  • The specifications for legends of figures, tables and formulae have been observed. (In the style sheet: CaptionShort for a single-line legend, CaptionLong for a multiline legend)

  • The style of citation and the bibliography correspond exactly to the original. Use square brackets for references in the text (example: [1] or [2,4] or [1-4]). Entries in the bibliography are numbered. If possible, the DOI for the references should be given. Please follow the guidelines of IOS-Press.

  • There are no pages in landscape format.

  • All graphics have a resolution of at least 300 dpi and are designed in such a way that they can be recognizable in black and white print.

  • Manuscripts that report on research on humans or on personal data or biomaterials report, if applicable, the vote of the responsible ethics committee (ethics committee, chairman, no. of vote) and the entry in a study register where applicable.

  • Note: Contributions that do not meet the document template or exceed the maximum length of 8 pages cannot be considered for the conference proceedings


Authors guidelines for “GMS Medical Informatics, Biometry and Epidemiology (MIBE)”

Full papers for MIBE can be submitted in German or English and should not exceed 25,000 characters (including spaces, no specific text formatting required, submission as PDF or Word document). Please follow the MIBE author guidelines >

Local Organizer:

Institute of Biometry and Clinical Epidemiology
Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin & Berlin Institute of Health